28 September 2009

Project two - Postal Presents

Baby Mobile

In the development of this assignment, Postal Presents, which is a flat packed gift in a C4 envelope suitable for postage, I experimented with different shapes and materials in cut out designs.
The design I developed is a brightly coloured hanging mobile for a new baby. It is easily recognisable in the flat packed state and easy to assemble.
The hanging mobile is made from brightly coloured polypropylene which is a flexible and versatile material that is also recyclable.
The design consists of two cross cut circles cut specifically to extend out, one larger than the other so the smaller can hang inside the large. Hanging from these are coloured stars that are able to be flat packed.
This postal present is a great gift to send to a friend or relative who has recently had a baby but lives interstate or overseas.

Peer Review

Rob Corvetto
Brett Rushbrook
Jason Vergara
Nicholas Walker
Fil Pulido


  1. Your mobile is very cute. However I think the shapes could be different, because babies-toddlers should be introduced to basic shapes first.

    Also, I like how it's hypnotically bouncey.

  2. i love the design of the cut, just like what fiona said, the bouncey effect actually good for babies to play around with,

    but i juz consider the dangling stars, i think it's too sharp for a baby, and it might not feel comfortable when the baby reaching and what they felt was actually sharp..
    they might be upset about it and hates it at the end.
    and the sharp edges also might bother the parents if in case they put it on top of the craddle and the parents trying to pick the baby up or do activities..

    you might consider flanels as the dangling object's material

    but i really love the look, colour and the layout of the cut..

    keep it up!!! ^^

  3. This is such an effective use of the flat-pack 2D form to create such an effectively intricate and complex 3D outcome. Loved this from the moment I saw it, and the practicality of this as a gift to current or future parents is perfect. One thing I would consider was maybe using solid polypropylene instead of the semi-transparent, and as Windy mentioned maybe a use of a softer material for the stars and shapes for safety reasons. Otherwise this is a brilliant postal gift, well done.

  4. Great use of the flatpack to 3d form method. It is very delightful for babies and aesthetically pleasing for parents. Maybe a thicker polypropelene, and a heavier weight or more stars for the inner swirl so it dangles lower?
    Nice job

  5. Wow I really like your idea of baby mobile, very nice and simple design! I think you can add more patterns and shapes to this design to make it more interesting. Also the sharp corners of the stars can be improved by adding some radius to it for safety reasons.

  6. Creative idea Kate. Colours are very colourful, i love how only the stars have dominated the whole concept and the pink twirly part is incorporated to bring out the interesting design of the baby mobile.
    Although would have love to have seen more shapes hanging off different levels of the mobile and as Jen said above adding some radius to it for safety and for a more intricate feel.

  7. i put this one together from 2d to 3d, and it was extremely easy and very effective. the use of colours, materials and overall design is sound. i think this is also a very neat postal present to send. well done.