16 September 2009

Video Reflection: Ross Lovegrove - Organic Design

Lovegrove’s love of organic form is inspiring.
His belief that form can “touch people's souls and emotions” is what has driven him to create such inspiring designs. Lovegrove claims that "we lived in caves and I don't think we've lost that coding system… we respond too much to form" he goes on to explain that "We should be developing packaging for ideas which elevate people's perceptions and respect for things that we dig out of the earth." Lovegrove's philosophy of Design Nature Art (DNA) coupled with observation, curiosity and instinct truly explain what he is out to achieve. Lovegrove's real inspiration lies in nature. His fascination with bone and coral is what really brings an amazing extra to his designs. He takes a queue from nature in taking away what isn’t needed and then being able to deliver maximum beauty. This greatly comes across in his bone chair design GO Chair. The skeletal chair encompasses his need for organic lean or “fat free” design.

Lovegrove also has many environmentally aware design ambitions. His wish to get cars off the road and as many people as possible on bicycles made from bamboo should be applauded.

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