01 September 2009

Project one - Experience Enrichment - Final Poster

For project one the brief given was to take an everyday object and make using it a more pleasant experience.
The stubbie mate was an idea that took hold of me. It consists of a neoprene sleeve to put your bottle in to keep it cool. It also features a built in bottle opener recessed into the base. This extra convenience make the stubbie mate a joy to use and saves the hassle of rummaging around in the drawer for a bottle opener.


  1. Awesome, awesome, awesome!! Simple, clean and easy to use =D
    I really like this idea, it was clever and inventive for this design project.
    The only thing i might fault you on would be the range of colour available for your "stubbie mate". Black works but what about a sleek chrome look to give it a more contemporary and modern feeling to it. Again it is a simple and clever idea. Well done dude!! =D

  2. A great idea! I can envision this product in the hands of every single person at a barbecue.
    My only question/concern is how you would use it? Do you grasp it from the base and use the bottle opener in that manner, or grab the neoprene sleeve and work it that way. Well...that actually seems pretty logical, since you can't exactly grab neoprene...never mind.

    I'll take 10!

  3. That looks really cool.

    I can definitely see people using it at a barbecue as well. The design is simple and classic at the same time, and I think your choice of colors are just brilliant . The shape, combined with the colors and logo makes it look really nice.

  4. Wow grate thinking, this tool has unquestionably made drinking beer in a more pleasurable and convenience way. I really like the idea of two in one. If you mess produce this produce I’m sure many people will have the curiosity to try out. I really want to buy one for my dad for father’s day!

  5. Great design. It's clear that you've put a lot of thought into this design. It looks simple, yet has a dual function. Awesome work!

  6. Awesome design,simple but very functional. if i this design is in the market i will buy one . nice work.