02 September 2009

Mood Board and Pleasure Analysis

Mood Board

Pleasure analysis

Physical level: The stubbie mate is comfortable and satisfying to hold through its cushy neoprene hand piece.

Social level: The stubbie mate creates a talking point in social situations and its convenience means it can be shared with others in need of a bottle opener.

Psychological level: The stubbie mate is quick and easy to use. Removing the need to rummage around in the drawer looking for the bottle opener.

Ideological level: Stubbie coolers are quintessentially Australian, a gesture of pulling one of these from your bag and giving to a friend is as much to say you're Australian, you're my mate and I'll protect you during battle. The bottle opener on the bottom portrays the user as a problem solving hero that saves the day.

Peer Comments

Shan Shan Wang

Alissa Sanders

Nina Harcus

Emily Soares

Sam Whipp

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