05 October 2009

Video Reflection: Annie Leonard - The story of stuff

Annie Leonard’s video poses an important message about consumerism. Leonard begins by introducing the “materials economy” or life stages of a product. These stages are: Extraction – Production – Distribution – Consumption – Disposal.
Leonard strives to educate the general population about this 'linear system', its destructive nature and the implications this bares on a planet with finite resources. Leonard’s video points out design practices such as planned or perceived obsolescence that created such consumer demand for the new shiny products.

This video should inspire designers to make more responsible choices with their designs. The video encourages designers to steer away from design practices such as planned and perceived obsolescence. By thinking further into designing a product not only to point of sale but further into the longevity of that product by creating products that can easily be repaired and finally recycled, a more sustainable future can be obtained.

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