03 August 2009

David Kelly: Human centred design

David Kelly’s Human centered design video.
The video focused on design that looks at human behaviours and personalities rather than just the product.

The range of the designs in the video were fascinating. From the innovations at Prada including the “magic mirror” that reflects with a three second delay allowing the user to turn and see how they look from behind, alongside the remote control that the user can scan clothing items and then have them displayed on the nearest screen or even footage of the clothing item out on the catwalk displayed. To the work of Dr. Martin Fisher in Kenya with deep well, low cost pumps to enable farmers to grow crops in the off season.
And all the designs inbetween including an attempt at creating the ideal office cubicle complete with hammock and sunflower that wilts when the occupant leaves. Also, the Spyfish, a consumer product, not a research tool, that allows the user to remotely control an underwater camera giving the views usually restricted to a scuba diver, without the need to get wet.

I feel this video is important for designers to view as a reminder to keep human interest in design and not just focus on the product to be designed.

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