15 October 2012

PSS - Sydney Scoot


Sydney Scoot

Sydney Scoot is an electric scooter rental scheme targeting tourists visiting Sydney. The eye-catching stations scattered across the city allow users to undock electric scooters after scanning their licence and credit card, to explore the emerald city.
A vast majority of countries have high populations of scooter abled drivers. 5.2 million short-term visitors arrive in Australia every year. Sydney Scoot aims to capitalise on this by providing electric scooters to these short term visitors and allowing them to explore the city at their own pace.
Sydney Scoot is a Product Service System (PSS) that provides an interesting and competitive form of transport for visitors to Sydney in the following ways:

  1. User autonomy
Sydney’s public transport can be a daunting experience, the buses have complicated zones and ticketing and can suffer from irregular timetables. The Sydney Scoot provides an opportunity for tourists to be completely independent. They do not have to adhere to timetables and are totally free to explore when/where/what they please. The Sydney Scoot electric scooters provide storage underneath the seat and in the top box for all shopping purchases and personal items.

  1. Guilt free experience
The Sydney Scoot scooters are electrically powered. This means no tailpipe emissions and a nice quiet ride. The scooters provide a large kilometre range and have a short charging time. Just plug it back into the dock at your next destination and rest assured the scooter will be ready for your next travel leg. The Sydney Scoot hire terminal is solar powered and any additional power harnessed is channeled into the charging docks.

  1. Easy access
The Sydney Scoot system has been designed to take the worry out of vehicle hire. There are no keys to lose or pin codes to forget, the whole system relies upon an RFID enabled credit card, which, once activated, is easily tapped onto the receiver panel on the docking station to release the scooter. Getting lost is another big concern in a foreign city, Sydney Scoot has alleviated this issue by providing built in GPS units on all the scooters.

  1. Safety first
Sydney Scoot provides comfortable and high safety rated helmets. These helmets have fully washable lining and come complete with a flip down sun shield. The GPS system installed into the scooters links up with a bluetooth headset installed inside the helmet. This allows the directions from the GPS unit to be heard directly by the driver, ensuring they will never get lost. The Hire terminal has been design to be vandal resistant with a strong stainless steel front panel. The docking stations have RFID enabled locks, which sense the scooter being returned, and clamp the front wheel. The top of the terminals and docking stations are deliberately slanted to discourage waste from being discarded there.

In summation, the Sydney Scoot provides tourists with a unique way to explore this great city. The PSS allows for a streamlined, fun and unforgettable trip without the hassles associated with being in a foreign city.


  1. This is a very interesting design - evolving from the bike rental system, but allowing users a step between this and having to rend a whole car which can be expensive and requires much more effort and planning. The only concern I have, being a non scooter rider, do you need a special licence or helmet to ride these around and this involves international users. But if I was visiting a country and wanted to get around, further than a bike this is a great solution.

  2. this would enough people to be riding scooter more and reduce the amount of cars and congestion on the road. the design is good but i think it could be more encouraging to use with a bigger compartment to store the scooter.

  3. Hey Kate,

    I like the idea a lot. I know there are already scooter hire facilities but I have never seen it as a stand alone terminal. I think locals would use this service as well. To actually design the whole system thoroughly would be a massive task, but you have done well to give a comprehensive overview of the system and the product.

  4. Love the Idea, as a motorbike rider i would love to go to the gold coast or something and burn around on an electric scooter, there clear and concise ideology the only thing i would say is maybe tweak the design of the station to make it a bit more interesting.

  5. This looks like a really great idea, you have really thought about all of the aspects associated with the design; helmet, GPS, bluetooth, the works! My only concern would be the ability to monitor the level of fuel within the scooter tank, maybe another aspect of the service could replenish the fuel so that every new rider starts with a full tank. Great job, I really like your design!

  6. this is a great idea, cause car rentals arnt very efficient especially when only 1 person is driving the car and theres 4 empty seats. Even as a local i would love to rent a scooter to ride around sydney. good job!

  7. I think its a fantastic idea, if i were to travel around on my own i'd definately look forward to using this system. All the components fit well into this system and the design aspect looks fantastic.