10 September 2012

Packaging Presentation

“O” Juice Bottle RATIONALE

Existing Juice packaging has many flaws. Many are difficult to open. Tetra paks contain straws that are hard to remove and insert. Pop top bottles encourage opening with teeth which can lead to damage.
The OJ juice bottle is a fun and quirky design for young children. It creates a unique and enjoyable way for children to drink juice.

The design consists of a unique “O” shaped bottle and an easy twist top. The bottle’s unique design is made for young children to enable ease of use through a comfortable and palpable “O” shape. This shape has been ergonomically designed to accommodate the 50mm hand width dimensions of 5 to 6 year olds. The large “O” shape allows easy grip and enables the children to tip the bottle up to drink with ease.

The lid comprises two parts. The white outer lid and the blue inner lid. These parts are connected with internal rings to prevent the top part of the lid being extricated and consequentially a choking hazard. The twist top lid has large ridges on the outside allowing children to easily twist the top up to drink, avoiding pulling, which can damage teeth. The inner lid has mini ramps which guide the outer lid when twisted to travel up and down, thus opening and closing  the lid. The twist top cap is water tight when closed.

The bottle and lids are made from food safe polypropylene. They have been designed with reuse in mind, as the bottle is refillable. When they do reach the end of their life, they are all the same material, and are easy to recycle.


  1. This OJ container really stands out! Creating a big contrast to current containers this really answers the problem you have presented. It would have been good to see a render with orange juice in the bottle just for more idea what it would look like filled. your posters are clear and concise and really makes the bottle stand out and grab your attention!

  2. I think this is a suitable form for a children's product. It reminds me of a teething ring and also I think it is an engaging shape, that would connect emotionally to children. Given it is reusable, I think parents will be inclined to use this a a normal water bottle. The only thing I might change is the graphic, not that it really affects the functional design. Perhaps something a bit more indicative of juice and children. Perhaps even some renders with juice inside it.

  3. This container would stand out on the shelf due to the difference. Like how you have reference 'OJ' to the packaging directly to orange juice. I would like to see what the other juice would look like. Extending the product range to other juices. I would suggest the graphics to be more vibrant to engage the audience from a shopping aisle.

  4. Great Brand name, 'OJ'. It is short and sweet. :) I love the form of your bottle as it is different to the regular square forms of current products. The only thing i would recommend is maybe improving the graphics of your packaging. Will you be able to see the graphics clearly and distinctly on the shelf of the supermarket when the orange juice is housed in it?

  5. Love the shape of this bottle, it will be very good for those tiny hands, kids will have a great grip on this. The kid is very good as well how you've made ribs/grips for kids to easily open. OJ is a cute name and suits the product as well!! Graphics are cute! Since its blue for boys, maybe a pink or girlie colours for girls? And Maybe different flavour too.

  6. i like your donut design it seems to give a better grip to the user. the bottle stands out front the current market which will attract customers to the product. the overall layout of your posters effectively communicates your design i find and gives the viewer a good understanding of the product.